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21:17 08 December in Services

Cloud adoption across the globe has been led by enterprise organisations, driven by the need for flexibility, increased working efficiency, an opex model and reduced budgets. The financial and operational efficiencies of cloud have made it a compelling solution. 

With IIG you can connect with confidence. No matter which cloud provider or architecture you choose — public, private or hybrid — our award-winning network services, interconnects and operating procedures can help make sure your critical data and apps are available and safe
The cloud is all about flexibility and reliability. By tapping IIG cloud infrastructure, you will instantly have access to a vast, powerful and scalable solution for websites, applications and databases. 
Our solution is ideal for countless applications, including:
Ecommerce sites that need to be highly available and scalable. Your sites will be ready to handle surges of new customers without breaking your budget.
Corporate Websites: Save money and improve performance of your organization’s intranet site by building it in the cloud.
Rich media sites: fast delivery of photos, video and other media anywhere in the world.
Software as a Service (SaaS): The flexibility and scalability of the cloud makes it perfect for all SaaS solutions. Users will enjoy seamless upgrades while your budget managers will appreciate the low cost of developing a managing consumer or enterprise applications as a service in the cloud.
Test Environments: The cloud is the perfect place to spin up test or development environments on the fly.
Mobile: Apps for smartphones and other mobile devices require fast access to data from any point on the planet.
IIG solution is being built with world-class solutions, including:
VMware: VMware vCloud Suite abstracts, pools, and automates all IT services to deliver an elastic, easy-to-manage software-defined data center.
EMC Atmos: An object-based cloud storage platform to store, archive and access unstructured content at scale. Atmos provides the essential building blocks to transform to private, hybrid, and public cloud storage.
Cisco: Cisco´s cloud strategy and its associated architectures are designed to foster collaboration and interoperability within, between, and beyond the different kinds of clouds.
StarWind ICSI: This interoperable solution enables the use of existing TCP/IP infrastructure to present storage area network drives as local drives on your server hardware. StarWind Software is a global leader in storage management and SAN software solutions.

IIG Cloud Connect Benefits
Improved performance. Deliver your mission-critical apps from the cloud with greater uptime and responsiveness.

Proven security. Experience the benefits of the cloud with the security of a private network ecosystem and advanced security services.

Flexibility and efficiency. Scale your bandwidth up and down as you need it. Pay only for the bandwidth you use. 

Get a reliable, secure cloud connection with our global fiber network and security solutions.
Quickly add or change connections between your WAN and public, private and hybrid cloud resources within our ecosystem of cloud services and data centers.