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21:14 08 December in Services

Free up space and time to focus on your main business while improving data access speeds. Data center provides a safe, secure location for your most essential equipment.
Host your business critical server and telecommunications equipment within secure, resilient and environmentally efficient  facility to ensure maximum availability & performance of your core applications & data.


Colocation Space Configurations
Our range of colocation services include solutions for large and small requirements including:

Smaller Scale Server Colocation by the ‘U’ is selected data centres
¼ racks – 10u of dedicated rack space
½ racks – 21u of dedicated rack space
Full racks – 48u of dedicated rack space secure cabinet
Bespoke private suites & caged areas – up to 100 racks within a secure dedicated rooms


Security & Resilience
The 24/7 security centre benefits from direct links to control rooms for ultimate response and all security personnel are background checked.
Power resilience is robust and technically engineered to the highest standards.  All data centres are fed diversely from the electricity grid and some of the data centres offer 2(N+N) UPS power protection. Majority of data centres provide N+N UPS protection to the rack, power reserved on 2 x independent UPS banks, 6500 litres of on-site diesel generation, N+1 cooling, fire and leak detection.


Round-the-Clock Technical Support
Your equipment is protected by our people as well as our infrastructure.  24/7 qualified support services are available on site to carry out all Remote Hands tasks and a range of Scheduled Engineering services.


24/7 Access
As a customer you will be provided with secure access to the data centre. You will also be able to request out of hours visits and authorise 3rd party engineers to access your equipment when it’s necessary.