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21:05 08 December in Services

IIG delivers a full range of high performance network services around Data and IP solutions, always designed fully neutral and delivered bespoke to our clients.

Since we’re not bound to any network, carrier or technology we’re able to work together with our clients with a true open mind. Always with one goal in mind; the design and delivery of a service that suits each individual requirement in the most optimum way.
With fiber optics increasingly ubiquitous, we seek to differentiate our solutions by ensuring a wide variety of connectivity options. Connectivity is a fundamental tenet of our strategy, and we seek to partner with the brightest minds in networking to ensure that our customers’ expectations are consistently exceeded.
We have wide mix of network providers including Level3, BT, Virgin Media, SSE, Vodafone, Cogent, Hibernia Atlantic, N3 Networks and many more – utilising multiple ducts and fibre entry points into the premises we ensure the diversity is achieved.
As a carrier neutral managed data connectivity provider, we offer every possible manner and method of delivering network solutions between your business premises. Whether you are looking for simple internet transit, high quality multi-homed BGP IP connectivity services, optical wavelengths, extended Ethernet circuits, P2P circuits to your office locations or to other data centres, IIG will be able to satisfy your requirements.
The network services below are just some of those available from within IIG


Dark Fibre

Dark Fibre is unlit optical fibre that allows you to build your own optical fibre network. Unlike managed services as offered by most carriers, you are free to use the dark fibre in a manner which best suits your needs. Custom Connect has many years of experience in assisting a wide variety of organizations with building their own private fibre networks.
– at any time, it allows you to meet your actual bandwidth needs
– upgrades can be made without making changes to the physical line
– highest levels of security as you’re the only user
– lowest possible latency, no network overhead involved

Wave Lengths

We can provide extensive wavelength services to connect our customers nationwide with high capacity optical circuits for ultimate low latency and performance.
A wavelength is light at a particular frequency or color and can be multiplexed to offer multiple paths through a single fiber strand. This fills the gap between dark fiber and traditional private lines or capacity services.
– suitable to operate high bandwidth applications, 2.5G, 10G, 40G and 100G
– private line service and therefore highly secured
– always configured as fully transparent
– ideal choice for low-latency applications, no necessary network overhead



A familiar and proven technology. When you rely on the power of Ethernet to connect offices and high-bandwidth applications across your business, your network feels the same whether your locations are in another city or across the globe.
– suitable to operate a high range of bandwidth applications
– helps to make your existing network resources more efficient
– bringing the cost model of LAN based Ethernet to the wide area network
– low latency inherent with layer-two networks


Internet Transit Services

With a huge choice of IP transit & network providers that IIG is contracting with, you have the flexibility to scale your network from 1 Mbps through to multiple 10 Gbps internet bandwidth.

IP Transit offers guaranteed performance levels in critical areas with high availability. All supported with industry leading SLA’s IP Transit is offered with flat monthly rates as well as burstable usage (95th percentile) and volume-based billing structures available in order to fit your requirements.
– scalable speeds from 1 Mbit/s and up to 10 Gbit/s
– possibility to multi-home with or without the use of the BGP
– delivered at virtually any location worldwide



In the race to zero, the choice of technology has never been more critical for Prime Brokerages, Proprietary Trading Firms, Market Makers, Hedge Funds & Banks. Traditionally, firms seeking the fastest connections between markets have looked to optic-networks.
However, our experience tells us this is an industry which is in development constantly. In pursuit of the even faster times that can make all the difference, IIG can give you the edge with (wireless) Microwave solutions.
Since digital signals travel faster through the air than they do through a fiber cable a Microwave could cut latency with 30%.
One advantage of stepping away from fiber is the simple matter of distance. A signal transmitted through the air can take a considerably more direct route than a cable which has to negotiate geographical features such as large bodies of water or metropolitan areas.
We work together with industry leading companies able to deliver reliable and scalable services and as always we differentiatie ourselves by our neutral aproach and advise.
– lowest possible latency in the market today, up to 30% faster than traditional networks
– ideally for locations that are difficult to reach with wired networks
– service can be build bespoke and private


Point to Point & Layer 2 Networks

We have existing networks in place to connect you to data centres and office premises globally. We can connect you seamlessly and with ultra low latency to all other major data centres to enable multi-site deployments and extensions to third party equipment located elsewhere. This can be done by utilising multiple providers to guarantee physical and supplier diversity with connections available up to 100Gbps.