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21:14 08 December in Services

Keeping up with ever-changing networks is hard work. IIG alleviates the stress of managing these changing demands, and keeps all your operations running smoothly, by providing expert support.


Consulting and Implementation Services

The network is the core of your IT environment and provides the foundations for application delivery and data distribution. It is the most dynamic element that demands placed upon it are constantly changing with adoption of new applications, new system hardware and increased demands for speed-, and bandwidth.
IIG has many years of experience in Telco operations and connectivity solutions. Working with you as part of your team allows us to share our network consulting skills and experience.



Program/Project Management

IIG team of experts can manage large, complex networking projects through comprehensive project plans and schedules.



Network Architecture and Engineering Services

Customized end-to-end network design plans across all major technologies and vendors



Network Migration and Implementation Services

We can plan and execute an entire deployment strategy, including staging, implementation, testing and turn-up


– extra support for your team in sourcing and optimizing
– remove unnecessary overhead within contracts
– benefit from our neutral approach
– specialized in both datacenter and network services
– delivered against a project-price or on a “no cure no pay” basis