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Migration solutions

Migration solutions

21:17 08 December in Services

Whether you plan to expand or upgrade your infrastructure or are considering changing or expanding your server locations, we will be able to assist.
We provide:
– Experienced teams of highly qualified specialists
– Supervision for entire projects
– Quick delivery of various propositions of solutions with pricing

Data migration is often overlooked as a minute aspect of application or system migration; however, there are numerous challenges for successful data migration. A traditional data migration can lead to business downtime, requiring client reconfiguration and troubleshooting. Data migrations can be costly, time consuming, and highly disruptive to your business. Unless you can squeeze a migration into limited off-hours, business downtime seems inevitable. And in addition to performing the migration, you have to reconfigure client systems, fix errors as they occur, and keep your IT staff on track.

Database migrations often involve high volumes of data – in some cases, the migration contains all the transaction history of the organization.
By nature, migrations happen across heterogeneous environments with very different source and target data structures. Many times legacy systems are involved, data structures are poorly documented and complex mappings and transformations are required. Also physical, virtual, or hybrid environments change frequently, further adding to the complexity.
Data consistency needs to be maintained between the old and the new systems. For example, when migrating multiple applications over different times that use the same database, or when a new system is gradually phased in with users. In these cases, there may be a need to perform complex bi-directional synchronization between the old and the new systems.
Oftentimes after a merger or acquisition, redundant applications are retired, but the data they contain needs to be preserved in the surviving system. The purpose of data migration is to transfer existing data to the new environment. Data needs to be transformed to a format suitable for the new system, while preserving the information present in the old system.

IIG Data Migration solutions free you from these challenges, allowing you to migrate your data quickly, reliably, and efficiently. IIG storage solutions virtualize your file storage environment so you can migrate data between resources with no effect on users. By decoupling the physical location of files from their logical access, IIG delivers data to the right place at the right time. With IIG storage solutions you can:

– Complete your migration project on schedule and at lower cost
– Migrate your file data at any time, even during business hours, without disrupting business continuity
– Reduce the time required to perform data migration projects by up to 90 percent.Migrate physical and virtual workloads in half the time
– Deploy heterogeneous storage infrastructures with common data services
– Maintain user access to data, even during complex migrations
– Eliminate the need to reconfigure client systems after every migration
– Reduce the number of migration-related errors. Less stress for you, less stress for your staff