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Why IIG?

Why IIG?

21:12 02 March in Uncategorized

Why IIGrid? Spoilt for choice?

Neutrality We offer neutral solutions, we are unbound to any network, carrier or technology. Solutions are bespoke and allow us to concentrate on offering independent and neutral advise. This is our mission. We will act as your true partner.

Single point of contact We will be your hub for all connectivity issues. Any connectivity or support requests can be made via email or telephone, regardless of preferred network, carrier or technology. All communications are offered through one access point.

Ultra Low Latency There is no need to worry about connecting your physically diverse trading locations in an optimized way, determining the success of cross-market trading. We offer a specialized race track, providing the lowest possible latency on earth. Our experience team will make the difference to you.

End to end integrated connectivity Unlike telecom organisations, who are focused on selling their own most profitable services, IIG is not bound to any network or protocol. This allows us to offer a bespoke solution, combining multiple networks to suit your individual needs. Our customer support centre will support these services 24/7, regardless of underlying carriers.

In depth market knowledge IIG are constantly building their knowledge in order to maintain up to date information on the dynamic telecommunication market. Our team are experienced and operate in this field daily. We ensure to maintain frequent and intensive interaction with clients, as well as researching the market and participating in an active discussion with the industry.

Cost effective approach Our aggregated rates through a range of carriers will ensure that you are offered the best wholesale pricing and a premier service. All this because of our pre-negotiated contracts, saving you time and money.



Here are 10 good reasons to choose IIGrid:

1. The people
People are the foundation of our business. That’s why we choose only the best candidates to become ambassadors of our brand.

2. Service without a smile
This means that we take service delivery and support very, very seriously. That’s why we have dedicated Client Relations and Support teams to monitor and maintain our high levels of service and support.

3. More bang, less buck
A combination of competitive prices, world-class infrastructure and hands-on technical expertise, provides you with greater value for your money.

4. Access to world class Data Centres
Your data needs a good home. Our access to Data Centres provide the infrastructure, environment and technical expertise necessary to ensure it gets the 5 star treatment it deserves.

5. IT made easy
Part of our responsibility as a service provider is to demystify IT and make it more accessible and easy to use.

6. We keep it simple
We firmly believe that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. Keeping things simple, intuitive and easy-to-use is an important part of the way we build our products and services.

7. Seeing the bigger picture
The world of IT can sometimes seem overwhelming to business owners and consumers. We bring it all together with bigger picture thinking – integrating a broad spectrum of services that ensures a more holistic solution.

8. Flexibility
Solving problems comes first, providing solutions second. We remain open to innovation and flexibility when it comes to providing solutions. The door is always open to clients who want to innovate.

9. We answer the phone
Our Support teams answer phone calls within seconds.

10. Tried & tested
Over the years, IIGrid staff has developed an impressive track record.